Born Maurice Perkins on December 15th, Pha’tal was raised on the rough streets of Englewood, Chicago by a hardworking single mother. In spite of an absent father figure, Pha’tal’s mother did everything she could to keep him away from the streets. Nevertheless, at the early age of 14 he found himself caught in the world of gangs and drugs. While placed in a classroom for behaviorally challenged children, his teacher took a special interest in him and introduced him to poetry. The music eventually grew from an interest of Pha'tal's into his passion. He ventured into the battle scene & quickly graduated from a battle rapper to a rising star within the underground rap scene throughout Chicago releasing 5 highly respected mixtapes; HNIC Volume 1, HNIC Volume 2, and I Be On Chicago Bullsh*t, Phuck Yo Favorite Rapper, and 31 Teeth Beast

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Representing The Fraternity, Pha’tal’s distinctive voice, unique style, clever punch lines, and catchy hooks afforded him the title "The H.N.I.C. (Hottest Nigga In Chicago) . Equipped with this skillset, Pha’tal is on a mission to bring a new perspective to the industry of the likes that it has never seen before. With one foot in the studio and one foot in the streets, Pha’tal believes he can use his artistry to take The Fraternity beyond the hood and change the game forever.



+1 312 296 4130